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About Mount Kilimanjaro

  • Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest freestanding mountain in the world, rises 19,341 feet (5,895 meters) above sea level in Tanzania, East Africa.
  • A dormant stratovolcano with three volcanic cones, Kilimanjaro offers a challenging yet rewarding climbing experience.
  • Explore the various routes, each with its unique landscapes and difficulty levels.

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  • Established 1976, specializing in providing unforgettable Mount Kilimanjaro climbs.
  • Committed to sustainable tourism and community engagement.
  • Recognized for excellence in adventure tourism.

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  • Over 47 years of guiding successful summit attempts.
  • Thousands of satisfied climbers with positive testimonials.
  • Member of reputable travel associations.

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  • Certified guides with extensive training in first aid and mountain rescue.
  • Partnerships with local communities and conservation organizations.
  • Awards for responsible tourism and environmental conservation.

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Mount Kilimanjaro Climbs

Choose Your Path to the Summit: Exploring Kilimanjaro’s Routes

  • Discover the diverse climbing routes, each offering a unique adventure to the summit.
  • From the lush rainforests to the snow-capped peak, Kilimanjaro’s routes cater to varying preferences and fitness levels.
Marangu Route
  • The “Coca-Cola” route known for its comfortable huts.
  • Gentle slopes and a shorter duration make it a popular choice.
Machame Route
  • The “Whiskey” route known for its challenging terrain.
  • Traverse through varied landscapes, including the Shira Plateau.
Lemosho Route
  • Offers a longer, more scenic ascent.
  • Traverse the untouched western flank of Kilimanjaro.
Rongai Route
  • The only route from the north, providing a unique perspective.
  • Less crowded with diverse landscapes.
Northern Circuit:
  • The newest route offering a longer and more gradual ascent.
  • Circumnavigate the northern slopes for stunning views.
Shira Route
  • Begins at a higher altitude, providing a unique challenge.
  • Ideal for experienced climbers seeking a less-traveled route.
Umbwe Route
  • A challenging and less-traveled route.
  • Offers a direct approach to the summit with steep ascents.

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Common questions and clear answers, including:

Routes vary in difficulty:

  • Marangu: Moderate
  • Machame: Challenging
  • Lemosho: More scenic and challenging
  • Rongai: Less crowded
  • Northern Circuit: Gradual ascent
  • Shira: Higher starting point
  • Umbwe: Challenging and less-traveled

Climbing permits issued by Tanzanian National Parks Authority (TANAPA) are required. We assist in obtaining them and arrange for everything.

  • Certified guides trained in first aid and mountain rescue.
  • Acclimatization days and emergency protocols ensure safety.
  • We provide essential gear; climbers bring personal items like clothing, boots, daypack, and snacks.
  • Itineraries include acclimatization days and careful monitoring.
  • Emphasis on hydration, nutrition, and gradual ascent.
  • No strict maximum age; participants should be in good health.
  • Route-specific age requirements may apply.
  • Yes, climbs can be customized, including private climbs, special routes, and additional services.
  • Our team works with climbers to tailor the experience to their preferences.

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