We offer Mount Kilimanjaro Climb with over six routes to choose from for the Kilimanjaro climb, pick what best suits you. Our porters ensure all your luggage is taken care of while you summit to the peak.

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Most of the guides consider the most enjoyable, it can be more difficult than Maranga Route but is Successful Rate is higher.


Marangu Route (another name Coca Cola) – (5-6 days) the oldest, and most popular one, also is the only ascent trail Where camping is not necessary, indeed not allowed, trekkers sleeping in dormitory huts.


Probably the only route in which you see wildlife in the first days is possible. This is a flat condition route which is not ideal for acclimatization.


Lemosho Route improves on the Shira plateau Route by starting below the Ridge, thus providing trekkers with a walk in the forest at the stand of the trek, giving them time to acclimatize.


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