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We all need to have a clear plan before hiking on either of these two mountains, including equipment needed, Body strength, booking conditions, and your final trip itinerary. To make sure you have no any Excuse later on.

see all the preparations

In arrange to be secure and comfortable all through your Mountain climb, you’ll have to be bring vital adapt and supplies with you. We have put together a comprehensive mountain Pressing list to assist you plan for your climb.

The taking after terms as utilized in these Booking Terms and Conditions should be considered synonymous: Itinerary and trip, all of which allude to the travel courses of action being booked with us. Moreover, the taking after terms: client, visitormemberparttraveler, and traveler all allude to you, as the traveler.

After receiving your final itinerary and cost of the trip from our Tanzania safari consultants, a deposit of 20% of the total service is required and the remainder can be paid upon your arrival in Arusha, at our Head Office.

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