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Mountain Kilimanjaro Climb

Our obsession with mountain climbing in Tanzania started 45 years ago, We have planned more than a thousand trips for clients. This could not be possible without our best professional guides and porters. We give advice to the client involved In information about all major routes and the best time to climb, Duly to our best years of experience.

With us, you can climb to the roof of Africa (mt. Kilimanjaro) and its neighbors with come close to our eyes, Mount Meru. Whatever ambition pushes you to climb any of these mountains, we are here to help you! without any doubt climbing any of these mountains will be the most rewarding experience of your lifetime. CLIMB WITH THE EXPERTS. 

Highest point in Africa filled with snow

Many Questions Climber Asks!

Here is a quick list of all the common questions that you may be asking yourself about trekking. We've included our personal recommendations.

CLOTH: Jackets, trousers, Shirts, Hiking underwear, Hiking boots, Sneakers, Thermal socks, Gaiter, Gloves, Sleeping bag, Neck warmer. Inflatable pillow.

GADGETS : Sunglasses, balaclava, headlamp, trekking poles, personal medical items, Sun Hat, Large Volume Water Bottle, Baby Wipes, Sweat Resistant Suncream, Blister Plasters, Insect Repellant, Camera, Passport, Visa, Insurance, Yellow Fever Card

you don't need any preparation for climbing Kilimanjaro or Meru, the main reason why people fail to reach the top due to altitude sickness and lack of time to acclimatise the rarified air, and not the body fitness.

Mount Kilimanjaro can be climbed most of the year, although it is inadvisable during the rainy season, which is April and May and during the short rains in November.

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Mount kilimanjaro routes

There are many trails on the mountain to reach the summit. 

Machame Route

kilimanjaro climbing


Marangu Route

kilimanjaro climbing


Shira Route

kilimanjaro climbing


Lemosho Route

kilimanjaro climbing

Chimborazo Volcano the closest point to the sun, the highest mountain in the world measured from the center of the earth.

Rongai Route

kilimanjaro climbing


Umbwe Route

kilimanjaro climbing

Mount Meru climb

There is only one main route up to Mt. Meru 

$1299.99 THEN

$899.59 NOW

Mount Meru lying at the heart of Arusha National park, with many numbers of wildlife animals like buffalo, giraffes, elephants, bushbuck, dik-dik, colobus, blue monkey, and warthog on the way. Mt. Meru is located just north of Arusha city. 

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Kilimanjaro: machame route (06 days)

30 December - 05 January  

Price: $ 1200



Kilimanjaro: marangu route (06 days)

15 December - 21 December

Price: $ 1200



Kilimanjaro: shira route (07 days)

30 December - 05 November 

Price: $ 1650



Kilimanjaro: lemosho route (07 days)

15 December - 21 December

Price: $ 1700

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kilimanjaro national park

For one day Only, climbing above the tree line to the heathland, viewing the beauty of kibo and mawenzi from far, covering two vegetation zones. 

Most of the wildlife found on the mountain occurs in the forest including elephants, buffalo, and leopards, colobus monkey, serval cat, Aardark, Tree Hyrax, Duiker, white - Tailed mongoose, Marsh Mongoose, White necked Raven, Bush baby.